Thursday Notes


  • Inside Lacrosse and released Kyle Harrison dodging instructional videos within 36 hours, both videos feature him discussing his basketball crossover split dodge and both feature his inability to finish, the most obvious miss is on the IL video inside of 10 yards followed by an exasperated gasp from Harrison
  • GQ Magazine released their list of the Top 25 Douchiest colleges in the country, several high profile MCLA schools on the list, but is #12 a joke?
  • Hopkins and Michigan gloves available on Ebay
  • Just as we were preparing to compliment Quint on an intelligent piece discussing fall ball tips (including one hour with your stick a day), he goes on his twitter account and posts the following gems: “Legs going to be ridiculously sore Tues – Squats, lunges, kettle cleans, power rack, leg ext & leg curls, calf raises & extensive ab work”
  • Informational meeting last night, probably had 75 kids in total, perhaps we will need tryouts after all. We brought in the returning players first to discuss changes from last year then the incoming players came in to learn about team expectations, important dates, etc. (Video coverage in the works)
  • The G20 Summit is going to mess up the Penguins preseason schedule, not thrilled
  • Ovechkin got not one but two tramp stamp tattoos, sorry Caps fans ovietattoo
  • Working on a box lacrosse “league” for Pitt, small gym, hockey nets, tennis balls, 6 v 6 including the goalie, get out and lax in the COLDEST WINTER
  • Fall Promo Video #2 coming soon, just in time for the MAJOR announcement


Season in the Balance with the Canandaigua Academy Braves

Absolutely fantastic documentary series sponsored by New Balance, should take about two hours to to watch all 15 or so episodes

Best part of the opening video, “Always look good, Coach.”

Pitt shoutout Episode 4 – 5:08 mark. Recruiting possibilities?

Biggest characters on the team Sean Regan and John Klein

This team went 22-2, finishing 7th in the country. Definitely want to watch these guys play.

They also have a kid named Tommy LaCrosse on the team. That’s no lie. He’s graduating this spring, committed to Penn State.

The Summer of Woo Nears Conclusion

It’s September 1st. Where did the summer go? What did you do this summer to prepare for fall ball?

If you’re anything like one our of top returning d-poles, you packed on 15 pounds and are ready to wreck MCLA attackman. Can’t wait for practice less than two weeks away.

He's ready to return

He's ready to return

On Sunday we held our annual lacrosse sign up at the activities fair which is a meat market of freshmen picking and choosing their extracurricular organizations. Nothing screams legitimate group quite like the over weight white girl dancing with the Black Women’s Dance Workshop. (Their table was located across from our table. It was a long afternoon).

We received over 65 sign ups including freshmen, transfers, and players who hadn’t played last year.

Tomorrow we will host our first team meeting to discuss the fall and spring schedule, what happened this summer, expectations and the ever dreaded player dues. Every year a million kids sign up for lacrosse, half show up to the first meeting, half show up to the first fall practice, and half end up playing the entire spring season. (In science terms I believe that is commonly referred to as a half life).

Our hope for this season is a roster of 45. We will have a better idea how close we are to that goal after tomorrow night.

More rostered players means lower player dues and more importantly constant pressure to perform at practice, quite simply position battles.

The bottomline is that the program Pitt has been for the last 12 years is dead.

The cost of redemption is steep. But, we are moving in the right direction.

Stay tuned for more.

I Put On For My Township, I Put Ooooooon


Not a day goes by that 412 Lax doesn’t know that we are the world’s foremost expert of on field lacrosse attire.

So when an opportunity comes to carve a teammate’s high school kit, we strike like a starving black mamba in Tarantino trailer.

Feast your eyes on the Manheim Township Blue Streak lacrosse program. Major and obvious strikes against them are the Riddel helmet and the lacrosse sticks logo on the game shorts, but open closer review we find the word TOWNSHIP blasted across their chest.

Really Manheim? Really?

Is that worse than the District 9 uniform from Mighty Ducks 1?

Shocking creative from the center of Pennsylvania.

Other possible options for such a generic uniform include: Community, Area, Space, Land, Country, Planet

Good thing the Manheim kids on our team are on the defensive side of the ball. Trash talking escalates rather quickly.

Reversible Battle

Pick one, the newly released effort or the ostentatious Flow reverse



Interview with Coach Paul interview with Coach Paul, highlights

Must read interview for MCLA people

CollegeLAX: Do you feel that the changing of location for the MCLA National Championship from Dallas to Denver will help the MCLA gain a significantly larger amount of exposure?

JP: I hope so. But ultimately exposure will come from how the MCLA markets itself. We need more legitimate teams, and we need to do a better job of getting the word out in the right way to the lacrosse world. Television is a big part of that. Sponsors are part of it.  Media coverage and self-promotion through all of the current hot communication avenues is a big part of it (Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, etc.). A lot of that costs money though. If the MCLA wants exposure, the league will have to pay to make it happen.

CollegeLAX: Is it surprising to you how much the MCLA has grown over the years? Did you have any idea it would become what it is when it began?

JP: We didn’t really understand how big this could get, but I’m not really surprised. The MCLA fills a void. My concern continues to be that we have valued quantity over quality. We brag all the time about the number of teams we have. I’m personally more interested in knowing how many teams we have that really take themselves seriously. I see teams working hard to build their programs, but I also see teams that have no interest or commitment to move beyond traditional club parameters, or worse…taking steps back.


Interview with Danowski

IL interview with Danowski, highlights

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
The highlight of my career so far was playing in the Final Four three times. Although we never took the championship home, the experience was unbelievable.

What’s on your walls at your house?
Last fall, Jerry Lambe told me my room looked like a 13 year-old’s, so I immediately took everything off the walls and bought mature furniture.


Dream date?
Marissa Miller or Jennifer Aniston — she’s getting better with age.