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Interesting Couple

Major MCLA coaching news. More Nike gear arrives. Jared Allen approved moccasins. Let’s Lax.

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Fight. Fly. Crow.

Second star to the right, and then straight on till morning. Gear. Lost boys. Billy Bitter. Let’s Lax.

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Rock-It Pocket Signed as Exclusive Stick Supplier

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – The University of Pittsburgh Men’s Lacrosse team has partnered with Rock-It Pocket for the upcoming season. Rock-It Pocket will be the exclusive supplier of sticks and shafts for the Panthers. “Rock-It Pocket is a major player not just in the MCLA, but the entire lacrosse world. We feel very fortunate that they will be helping us make the transition to legal sticks in 2010,” said Director of Operations Peter Tumbas. Visit Rock-It Pocket’s website at Panthers hit the field Monday September 7th to begin fall ball.


I Put On For My Township, I Put Ooooooon


Not a day goes by that 412 Lax doesn’t know that we are the world’s foremost expert of on field lacrosse attire.

So when an opportunity comes to carve a teammate’s high school kit, we strike like a starving black mamba in Tarantino trailer.

Feast your eyes on the Manheim Township Blue Streak lacrosse program. Major and obvious strikes against them are the Riddel helmet and the lacrosse sticks logo on the game shorts, but open closer review we find the word TOWNSHIP blasted across their chest.

Really Manheim? Really?

Is that worse than the District 9 uniform from Mighty Ducks 1?

Shocking creative from the center of Pennsylvania.

Other possible options for such a generic uniform include: Community, Area, Space, Land, Country, Planet

Good thing the Manheim kids on our team are on the defensive side of the ball. Trash talking escalates rather quickly.

Reversible Battle

Pick one, the newly released effort or the ostentatious Flow reverse