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High School: The Mount Lebanon (PA)

Who is/was my biggest lacrosse influence?

Ryan Boyle’s play against Syracuse in the 2001 national championship game, made me want to be a male model. Also, if Mount Lebanon hadn’t gone to the Pennsylvania state final my freshman year of high school I probably never would have started playing.


The Georgetown video was 1390403205 times funnier than Branford.


8 responses to “The Author/Athlete

  1. Baby please. When you need a half time speech taped I am there, although you won’t even know I am there. What a day. You hit it right on the head. Guinos Vs. Rangers, Steelers Vs. Ravens… Its going to be a great freaking day!

  2. Peter – We like what you’re doing here. I can’t find your contact info, so shoot me an email when you get a chance. We’d like to feature you on our site and get this blog some more play.

  3. How did you forget – from your Pittsburgh connections – Cory O’Neil from Salisbury??

    I played with some Central Catholic boys prior to transferring to UMD from WJU ….

    Love the Blog… the best lax one on the web in my opinion – shoot me an email if your up for swapping some UMD goods for some Pitt Lax Gear….

  4. Here’s how you link a URL:

    Keep up the great work.

  5. peter, scope out this lax video if you haven’t already

  6. Which Georgetown video??

  7. should be on the site for uniform week. their shorts are the lacrosse lifestyle.

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