Fight. Fly. Crow.

Second star to the right, and then straight on till morning. Gear. Lost boys. Billy Bitter. Let’s Lax.

We apologize for the obsessive use of one word sentences. Seriously. Sorry.

Heavy Fashion Day

The metaphorical sun that is the 412 Lax clothing line launch date is beginning to peak over the horizon.

It’s one of the those things in life where you just have to put your money and mouth together.

Much like John Cusack’s character Rob Gordan did in the 2000 romantic comedy High Fidelity.

For our first crop (Farmville reference), we are looking at shorts, a t-shirt, hoody, and either a shooting shirt or reversible.

Expect the designs to be created from nothing less than divine intervention.

One groundball of info we mention is our idea for having another label under the 412 Lax banner so that we can show off a more experimental or different look than what we will be featuring with the 412 line. Think of it as our Purple Label. You’ll see.

Oregon State Uniforms

Displayed at Dick’s

Looking very official.

Hustle Lax

Interesting fashion line out of Tolland, Connecticut.

Click here for the website and here for the Facebook page for giveaways

We are getting bored of argyle. So we aren’t FB fans.

Hoodies from Heaven


Pull the trigger at Lacrosse Monkey

The basic sweatshirt is a meager $34.99.

Donkey bringsĀ  us a fantastic gift.

Stifler’s team issued hoody from EGF.

At $18 we might buy seven.

Italia Hoody

More gear at Lacrosse Playground

Nike FCA

According to FCA: We are going to be placing one last order this Wednesday. If you want to order one please email with your size and address. $35.00 includes shipping!

Remember to join Brine’s Facebook fan page to have a shot at winning these

Billy Bitter’s Helmet Cam

Powder looks semi fresh.

Silly wipeout. How does that happen?

Marcus, just because you are wearing the Space Jams doesn’t distract us from remembering you were the 60th ranked point guard in your class, you play at Central Florida, and you wear Rec Specs.

We’re sure its difficult being Michael’s kid but you’re not helping your cause.

Coach Carroll receives a house call.


The top 20 faceoff men in the country (The Faceoff Club)

Back squat safely (Laxpower)

Under Armour outlet section

More biting between Penguins-Flyers role reversal (PuckDaddy)

Heard Favre is retiring.

Just heard Favre is unretiring to play for the Cardinals.

Favre has now said he wants to play for Notre Dame. Assuming Chuck Weis is rehired.

Not pleased with NFL refs. Won’t be watching the whole Super Bowl.

There should be a course in first grade on love. Andy Warhol


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