Thursday Notes


  • Inside Lacrosse and released Kyle Harrison dodging instructional videos within 36 hours, both videos feature him discussing his basketball crossover split dodge and both feature his inability to finish, the most obvious miss is on the IL video inside of 10 yards followed by an exasperated gasp from Harrison
  • GQ Magazine released their list of the Top 25 Douchiest colleges in the country, several high profile MCLA schools on the list, but is #12 a joke?
  • Hopkins and Michigan gloves available on Ebay
  • Just as we were preparing to compliment Quint on an intelligent piece discussing fall ball tips (including one hour with your stick a day), he goes on his twitter account and posts the following gems: “Legs going to be ridiculously sore Tues – Squats, lunges, kettle cleans, power rack, leg ext & leg curls, calf raises & extensive ab work”
  • Informational meeting last night, probably had 75 kids in total, perhaps we will need tryouts after all. We brought in the returning players first to discuss changes from last year then the incoming players came in to learn about team expectations, important dates, etc. (Video coverage in the works)
  • The G20 Summit is going to mess up the Penguins preseason schedule, not thrilled
  • Ovechkin got not one but two tramp stamp tattoos, sorry Caps fans ovietattoo
  • Working on a box lacrosse “league” for Pitt, small gym, hockey nets, tennis balls, 6 v 6 including the goalie, get out and lax in the COLDEST WINTER
  • Fall Promo Video #2 coming soon, just in time for the MAJOR announcement


5 responses to “Thursday Notes

  1. Hahaha I loved the 25 douchiest colleges list. But, yeah, U of Phoenix?

  2. If I can get a box league running in DM, you can surely get one together at Pitt!

  3. great douche list, but how did they miss miami ohio?

  4. expecting to see my SMU on there…i think im a little disappointed

  5. small gym, hockey nets, tennis balls, all you we need is Hayes and Vaccaro and we’d be all set

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