The Summer of Woo Nears Conclusion

It’s September 1st. Where did the summer go? What did you do this summer to prepare for fall ball?

If you’re anything like one our of top returning d-poles, you packed on 15 pounds and are ready to wreck MCLA attackman. Can’t wait for practice less than two weeks away.

He's ready to return

He's ready to return

On Sunday we held our annual lacrosse sign up at the activities fair which is a meat market of freshmen picking and choosing their extracurricular organizations. Nothing screams legitimate group quite like the over weight white girl dancing with the Black Women’s Dance Workshop. (Their table was located across from our table. It was a long afternoon).

We received over 65 sign ups including freshmen, transfers, and players who hadn’t played last year.

Tomorrow we will host our first team meeting to discuss the fall and spring schedule, what happened this summer, expectations and the ever dreaded player dues. Every year a million kids sign up for lacrosse, half show up to the first meeting, half show up to the first fall practice, and half end up playing the entire spring season. (In science terms I believe that is commonly referred to as a half life).

Our hope for this season is a roster of 45. We will have a better idea how close we are to that goal after tomorrow night.

More rostered players means lower player dues and more importantly constant pressure to perform at practice, quite simply position battles.

The bottomline is that the program Pitt has been for the last 12 years is dead.

The cost of redemption is steep. But, we are moving in the right direction.

Stay tuned for more.


14 responses to “The Summer of Woo Nears Conclusion

  1. Good luck! Good to hear that your team is trying to head in a more competitive direction. I’ll be interested to read how that plan progresses through the year. Look out Michigan!

  2. The program that Pitt has been for the past 12 years is dead? Really? Building a program isn’t just a matter of snapping your fingers and being a top tier MCLA team.

    10 years ago the team was part of the NCLL, Then in 2001 we joined the MCLA and subsequently were ranked in the top 25. Without those steps the things you and the rest of the current team are attempting to do wouldn’t be possible.

    In the end, having some respect for the past would probably be a good thing, if you leverage it right, your alumni can be quite a valuable asset.

    Good luck in the fall and go Pitt.

  3. Gotta love the activities fair! Good stuff. Looking forward to hearing more about the team as the fall goes on.

  4. Good luck to you! Hopefully a decent amount of those 65 stick with it. Sometimes college kids blow straight past lazy to hibernation…

  5. 65 new kids signing up, thats ridiculous. If they all play are you gonna make cuts? im curious how many mcla teams have legit tryouts and cuts

    • If they all play we will have to make cuts. In a perfect world we will have to make cuts but we don’t expect all 65 to come out.

  6. Good luck Guys!

  7. Agree with my fellow alum above. You have no idea what the program was like over the 12 year time frame you mention. Sadly the real deterioration in the team has been in the past 2 or 3 years…the time that you have been there. Rather than offering horror storries of the last years to alumni who post, just stop referring to things you dont know anything about.

    I hope that the new coaches help bring a new attitude to the team. Still waiting to hear who they are by the way. Good luck this year.

    • I have a very strong understanding of the team over the last seven years. Please keep in mind we aren’t trying to alienate or assign blame. We are simply saying the team is a transitional period, for the better, from team to program.

      Again if you want to talk further please email and favorite this blog for more Pitt Lax news

  8. any word on when you’ll release the details of your coaching staff?

  9. friday has come and go and still no press release on the staff…. updates?

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