Interview with Coach Paul interview with Coach Paul, highlights

Must read interview for MCLA people

CollegeLAX: Do you feel that the changing of location for the MCLA National Championship from Dallas to Denver will help the MCLA gain a significantly larger amount of exposure?

JP: I hope so. But ultimately exposure will come from how the MCLA markets itself. We need more legitimate teams, and we need to do a better job of getting the word out in the right way to the lacrosse world. Television is a big part of that. Sponsors are part of it.  Media coverage and self-promotion through all of the current hot communication avenues is a big part of it (Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, etc.). A lot of that costs money though. If the MCLA wants exposure, the league will have to pay to make it happen.

CollegeLAX: Is it surprising to you how much the MCLA has grown over the years? Did you have any idea it would become what it is when it began?

JP: We didn’t really understand how big this could get, but I’m not really surprised. The MCLA fills a void. My concern continues to be that we have valued quantity over quality. We brag all the time about the number of teams we have. I’m personally more interested in knowing how many teams we have that really take themselves seriously. I see teams working hard to build their programs, but I also see teams that have no interest or commitment to move beyond traditional club parameters, or worse…taking steps back.



4 responses to “Interview with Coach Paul

  1. If the facilities he’s talking about are really happening, count me among the impressed.

  2. I have no reason to doubt him – Coach Paul and I chatted about them some time ago – i.e. they’ve been working toward this for some time. They will have better facilities than most NCAA programs.

  3. I wasn’t talking about the new indoor building, which coach Paul is non-commital about using. What’s impressive is what he said about building a lacrosse “service building” with locker rooms, offices, equipment room, etc. He even said it will have a 5000 sq ft weight room. How many college lacrosse teams have their own weight room? That project must be costing millions.

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