Ducks Unlimited Safety Unit



That is absolutely divine

Dare you to find a better summer time helmet.

Also, Kyle Harrison is talking about shooting on

Well really, he’s talking about what Joe Walters tells him then he gives a shooting demo. And if there’s one person in the world that will make us stop dead in our tracks if they are giving a serious talk about shooting its Kyle Harrison.

No need to give him a hard time about being stuffed by a high school goalie several times in a row. After all we’re confident the goalie can hear Harrison revealing his shot locations to the camera.

The finest part of the video is Harrison saying, “Every now and then you’ve got to prove a point, so we’ll go off stick side high one more time.”

After being stuffed by a high school goalie and missing the net once, Harrison puts everything he has into this shot ripping it stick side high.


Successfully predicting every shot Harrison would take against Toronto would be a stick side high overhand jump shot wasn’t surprising but it still brought a smile to the 412 office.

Toronto short sticking him caused us to stand up and bang drums.

This video was too much.


2 responses to “Ducks Unlimited Safety Unit

  1. i would give anything for that helmet

  2. i have one, email me if you’re interested in acquiring it

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