Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted to Lax and Need an INTERVENTION Show About You

  1. You can describe the Maryland state flag, even if you aren’t from Maryland md-flag
  2. You’ve quoted Connor Martin
  3. You compare Ocean City to Rucker Parker but consider the OC athletes to play a more exciting brand of defense                     BELax2
  4. You consider long hair to symbolize raw power and awesomeness, not homelessness                                                       n19302622_30426955_8942
  5. You can’t string your own sticks but you have three doctors on speed dial who can                                 
  6. You broke up with your girlfriend because she didn’t cheer loud enough during the Duke Hopkins semifinal in 2008           2105-173
  7. Even though his on field skills are suspect and there are scenes in his interview when he is by himself in a party scenario, you consider Brantford Winstonworth to be a huge influence, on and off the field
  8. Your eye black is inspired by the Ultimate Warrior, not Mike Powell who didn’t graduate from college and is now using his guitar as shelter from the rain                                              warrior
  9. You want to be buried in your finest reversible 5768_153417702344_676492344_3306962_1491545_n
  10. If someone took your sticks you’d behave like this, minus the remote stuffing

3 responses to “Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted to Lax and Need an INTERVENTION Show About You

  1. That reversible “flow” shirt is embarrasing. What would you think if someone showed up for tryouts wearing that? I’m all behind the “flow” movement or whatever it is, but that reversible is so ridiculous

    • If someone was wearing it in a serious manner I’d be rather offended, in an ironical manner for example “look at how ridiculous I look” I’d laugh

  2. i wear that reversible, but recently got a ‘more professional’ haircut

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