Cino and Dino

Two hopefuls for the USA Redeem Team and former best bros on the New Jersey Pride, locking horns.

Pictures are taken from Joe Cinosky’s Locker from

It’s like twitter but just for pro athletes


Earlier this summer we posted a photo of Danowski with his arm around McDevit. Last summer, Dino was super close with Cinosky, commonly referring to him as C-Note and rooming with him on the road.

We pose this question to you, are you friends off the field with the kids you are competing against in practice?

While I’ve been cordial with defenders and goalies, I can’t call one a best friend.

In fact, on every team I’ve been on the kid I most disliked was a pole.

Maybe its the fact that the other guy guy gets to beat on me during practice or spends very little time on my end of the field during the games. I’m not sure but I’ve never gravitated towards being close friends with a pole. Something for you psychology majors to consider.

One one one photo sequence after the jump






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  1. ouch.

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