Max Siebald’s Twitter Page + Notes


Denver-Toronto certainly didn’t have the history of Syracuse-Cornell, but that didn’t stop Max Seibald, after he walked through the handshake line with blood streaming from his head, to sarcastically post on his Twitter feed, “stitches in the nose and forehead… ohh and another loss by one goal in a championship game…i should sleep well tonight.”


The above passion was taken from an IL article focusing on debunking MLL myths. This particular passage comes from the section entitled “The Players Don’t Care.” IL lists John Grant Jr and Brett Hughes playing through injuries (even though Quint said Hughes was a healthy scratch the game prior) and Schwartzman who ran through a sideline advertisement as examples of players who care before mentioning Seibald. (See the entire article here). If you were able to watch the game on Sunday, the first thing you had to have noticed was how hard Seibald runs. No surprise considering he was the fastest athlete at Cornell this year (fastest ever as well?). Watching him on television, seeing how much faster he was than anybody on the field (yeah I’m talking to you Harrison), how much harder he was trying, reminded me of watching the Ovechkin live against the Penguins.

Max Seibald clearly gives a f**k about winning. I promise even as  second line middie he was the most exhausted player at the end of the game. Unreal compete level.

He deserves everything that’s coming to him



8 responses to “Max Siebald’s Twitter Page + Notes

  1. Reebok is making killer gear right now. And it is high quality. They are in a position to take over. Imagine if they advertised their lax gear half as much as Warrior…

  2. siebald is by far the most exciting player to watch in lax. i love the way he plays. also, i’m a big caps fan, and the OV comparison is spot on i believe. only siebald can speak english hah.

    • The Ovie comparison works if the Capitals are winning or tied. He doesn’t care to play defense if the team is losing.

      • this is true. i think siebald is more all around team oriented. playin both sides of the ball. ovie just wants to take 25 shots a game. and it usually works for him.

  3. The Reebok 9k is the best head on the market right now, hands down. All MCLA/ NCAA players should take a look at investing in it rather than the Super Power, Juice, Spyne, etc.

    • that may be true… the fact they their heads are all 2010 NCAA legal helps as well! Some of the other companies are really slow to release their newly measured heads and that could hurt them. Reebok looks to be making some serious moves.

      • The entire rule change is a crime against humanity. I prided myself on being an attackman who used an original Proton and already pretty wide head. Now I have to go wider because the old timers are jeal that their records are being broken. Deal with it. The athletes are better today. Records are made to be broken.

  4. Pantherslax:
    If you get an NCAA-only legal new head, it will help you more than hurt you. The top dimension is narower than last year – the head looks more like a box head, even with the wider throat area.
    When Scroggs saw the new heads, the rumor is he went ballistic, as he realized the new geometry will have the exact opposite effect than he and the comittee wanted.

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