Toronto Wins MLL Title

Toronto’s ability to generate close range scoring proved to be too much for Denver to overcome. Toronto/Rochester essentially won back to back titles with today’s victory. Denver has now lost in the MLL final 3 times in their four years of existence.

I find myself comparing the experience of watching today’s final and the college final in May. For the college final I was watching the game at a bar that serves ahi tuna and yet the entire crowd stared at the televisions for the final moments of that game and cheered when Syracuse scored or let out a gasp of dismay if they were suddenly Cornell fans.

Today I once again forgot that the game was on today and hurriedly flipped on the television to catch the start of the game. It just doesn’t have the emotion or pagentry that the college game has and that takes away a lot from the total experience. It was a one goal game decided in the final minute and I’m not sure I really cared, which might be me being biased because I don’t like either of those teams and I am still upset about not being able to watch the second semi final game yesterday.

I wait all year to watch the D1 championship. I know when its going to be every year. I know the traditional lacrosse bar in Pittsburgh is going to be packed. I know I’m going to be on the phone with my friend in Texas during the whole game. And I know I’m going to be talking about it for a whole year until the next one occurs.

The MLL can’t touch that right now which is why there were 6800 people at today’s final.

The Toronto goalies read 412 Lax last night. What did we say about Harrison? He shoots high to high every time. More times than not its stick side high as well. If only I had gotten that scouting report to Duke in 2005.

Four shots. Zero goals.

Last week one of the guys on PTI said if Shaq was a foot shorter, he’d be a terrible basketball player.

So by that logic, if Kyle Harrison isn’t as fast as he is, he’d be a terrible lacrosse player.

Toronto was covering him with a short stick. If you’re an official for STX at what point do you worry that you gave this guy his own line of gear?


Very fascinating to watch the two man games, the off ball picking that Toronto runs. The defense knows exactly what’s coming they can’t stop it if its executed correctly. If their passing wasn’t so surprisingly subpar they would have won by a lot. I wonder why more field teams, specifically, MCLA teams, don’t employ such an offense. You don’t have to be a great athlete or have elite stick skills to set a pick.


Couldn’t recognize what Denver was trying to run offensively. When you only score 9 goals in a league that favors that offense you’re not running much of an offense anyway.

Brendan Mundorf did his best Kobe Bryant impression but he couldn’t shoulder the load himself. Drew Westervelt who was trying to break into my top 5 favorite attackmen disappeared pulling a Harrison going 0 for 4.


Douchebags of the day:

1. Nate Watkins for his helmet to helmet hit on Geoff Snider who was engaged in a faceoff battle.

2. John Grant Jr for pushing and talking s#%t to Max Seibald after the game was over.

3. Quint Kessenich for comparing Brodie Merrel’s ground ball play to Hayley Joel Osment’s famous quote in The Sixth Sense.

4. ESPN’s Director and camera operators for constantly losing the ball.

Game Notes:

  • Max Seibald’s compete level is atmospheric.
  • In an effort to infuriate me, Toronto wore their Clemson helmets with their black and red unforms.
  • If Brett Queener did play with a broken hand, I respect that kid’s grit.
  • The girl Paul Rabil was with is Kelly Berger, Stephen Berger’s sister. Shes the head coach at UMBC and she’s really great. You can use my office and maybe afterwards we can go to lunch!

One response to “Toronto Wins MLL Title

  1. It was a pretty decent game overall, but it looked like Denver did not really show up today. If they were just going to phone it in today, then why did they play so hard against Boston yesterday? There is no denying that the Cannons play is much more exciting than Denver’s uninspired style.
    I agree that yesterday’s second game should have been aired. From all reports, it was the best of the three – plus I like the Lizards. I also agree with your Douchebag picks and your assessment of Harrison (which hurts since I am a Hopkins fan).
    Toronto’s pick play just makes sense. I want to work it into the scheme of the team I assistant coach. Our starting attack unit graduated which makes this a good time to bring it in…
    Toronto’s helmet would have worked if the orange was red. But why not just wear the blacks? They look better anyway. I guess that is what happens when your team has a total identity crisis…
    Lastly, did you pick up Jake talking about new owners coming in? Does this mean we will get a couple more teams again next year? God I hope so; a six team league is lame.

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