Fall Preview

Major articles and campaigns to come this fall

Steroids in the MCLA. Real or just for baseball meatheads?

Pick my uniform number. I can’t decide what number I want to wear for this spring. Vote or sleep.

USA West. An incredible opportunity for MCLA players to represent their country, a history of the program.

Hunting for leadership. As mentioned yesterday, a diary detailing the coaching change this summer.

The Race to 190. Video and picture journal detailing an MCLA player’s quest to pack 10lbs before the season starts.

Vernacular. Shaping the way we talk about the sport. Send in your recommendations

The Ultimate Lax Bro. An in depth look at the video, should we really aspire to be him?

Flow Contest. It’s back, bigger than ever, ready to happen. PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES

Zombie Survival Guide. Pitt is lucky enough to have one of the top experts in the field on our roster to provide us with his keen insight. Zombies can’t feel fear. Neither should you.

Also expect extended and unrelenting Uniform Watch coverage, interviews, player surveys, more more more

this is out today, go see it

this is out today, go see it


10 responses to “Fall Preview

  1. Steriods? Really? Sounds kind of far fetched, most lacrosse players don’t seem like the steroid using type. Anyway, I don’t think it’d help all that much in lacrosse. And, you should go with number 5.

  2. just a heads up to your blog, but Colorado coach John Galvin has resigned…see collegelax.us

  3. Of course steroids and other performance enhancing drugs would help in lacrosse. Speed and strength, especially embodied through explosive power, make a huge difference. Steroids aren’t just used to get huge.

    Now that doesn’t mean I think steroids are a big part of lacrosse culture right now. But the sport has definitely changed with a much greater emphasis on the weight room and speed training than their used to be. Performance enhancing drugs will probably become more prevelent as the sport keeps growing.

  4. steroids help the body recover from strenuous activity, meaning you can go harder more often without feeling the effects. steroids would definitely help in lax.

  5. Yeah you guys are right. I was thinking more along the lines that id much rather have a fundamentally sound and skilled player on my team as opposed to a big strong brute. Matt moyer comes to mind

  6. Yeah, the same matt moyer who was easily cornell’s best close defenseman and shut nims down and made a bad decision to clear the ball himself at the end of the game

    • From Laxbal CEO, ” Matt Moyer was the best defenseman in the country in 2009, I have no problem saying that. Not many people know that he played the entire playoffs with badly torn meniscus in both knees. He then went on to shut down the best attack men in the country every playoff game. He always plays to win and hates to lose and that’s the attitude we have at Laxbal.”

  7. Sounds like some great articles coming our way. Can’t wait to read em.

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