Flo-rida Lax, for your mother

Year round lacrosse in gorgeous weather, with even better looking moms on the sideline, Florida is bound to crank out the talent. If this youngster’s game is 1/17th as polished as his on field style, you can expect big things



Pro 7s and armpads to match your club team? Affluent


4 responses to “Flo-rida Lax, for your mother

  1. lacrosse hasn’t reached all the inner cities yet tumbas

  2. Just because that Broward County native could you rip you high to high doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me

    • Pete Nelson ate so much Kraft Mac N Cheese in one semester at Wooster that he could have supplied every 3rd world nation with food for a decade. Then he told the head coach he hated Ohio and transferred. He also accomplished this move in a rec league game

      The crowd made up largely of Amish farmers and myself lost their minds

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