Experience the Evolution

In the next week Pitt will announce our new coaching staff. The three coaches have coaching backgrounds at the NCAA level, the MCLA level, and the high school varsity level.

When the coaching change was made this summer it was an equally exciting and terrifying time. As fall ball gets under way, 412 Lax will be releasing a weekly essay detailing the process as we’ve kept a running diary of what we went through. Hopefully it will provide insight and entertainment for the masses.

Beyond hiring a qualified staff, we are making an effort to add more games to schedule specifically against top tier talent. Two weeks ago we mentioned that Davenport returns every player from the roster. The next day Coach Clarkson suggested a match between quite possibly the two youngest teams in the MCLA.

March 31st Davenport at Pitt

Good thing we can watch their highlights on E-Lacrosse


4 responses to “Experience the Evolution

  1. youngest teams? if you guys didnt graduate many last year wouldnt you be senior laden this year?

    • Last season we had 8 freshmen starting and/or running second line. We only graduated 3 seniors last year only one contributed.
      Davenport lost no one and had many freshman contributors as well.
      Last year we were both the youngest teams so in my post that’s what I was referring to obviously didn’t clarify as well as I had hoped. This year we will have 4 seniors starting in addition to the large sophomore class. We also expect two freshmen to contribute immediately. Long story short, last year youngest this year not as much.

      I’d venture a guess and say Davenport’s program…. on the whole (austin powers copyright) is younger than ours.

      Anytime you return your entire roster that advanced to the semifinals of the national tournament you’re going to be in great shape.

      It should be an interesting game.

  2. GoaliePhenomMGoodman

    they look weak

  3. I think youngest as in age of program.

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