Academia Approaches, Buzz Everywhere

UMD has been conditioning since August 11

CSU’s first meeting is the 24th

Pitt’s first meeting is the 30th. School starts the 31st. First practice 10 days later.

We’re nearly there and for the Bulldogs they are already sweating it out.

412 Lax is on the verge of a major announcement.

If the timing happens to coincide with the hiring of Pitt’s new head coach, I’ll lose my mind.  However in a down economy, kids with student loans can’t be choosers.

Great meeting last night with one our new assistant coaches. Former high school varsity head coach, former assistant coach at Colorado State, national champion at CSU, more importantly for us he brings in a wealth of knowledge on how a top level club team operates. Press release pending the hire of the head coach.

Can we leak the top candidate’s background?

The lawyers say no.


One response to “Academia Approaches, Buzz Everywhere

  1. Congratulations – your assistant sounds exceptionally qualified. Again, congratulations.

    The big question remaining at CSU is whether Coach Alex S will blog !

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