LaxFest 2009 Highlights + Bonus

Hey Taylor Walker, love that Long Island accent

Sidenote: Brett Favre is a loser

Sidenote #2: Patrick Marleau is a bigger loser

Rising Junior out of Cali

6’6 215, sheeeeesh

Will he be in an MCLA uniform or an NCAA  uniform in 2012?

This looks like a Vietnam POW camp torture method


9 responses to “LaxFest 2009 Highlights + Bonus

  1. To reiterate:

    Taylor Walker, hello.

    Brett = Loser (and you know I was a big fan)

    Marleau = Loser & soon to be traded (I believe), despite what a mutual friend slash family member might say or believes.

    I am looking at the blog, woo.

  2. Kid is ok, but he had terrible fundamentals. He went for the slap check almost every time and relied too much on his size. His didn’t seem confident in his left hand either.

    Granted he is barely 16 though, so he has time to improve

  3. taylor walker – laxtitute

    matt mccall – needs to brush up a bit of the basics before he can be considered D1/NCAA material, I think.

    workout – DAMN

  4. Hahaha Dano was hollering at that biddie

  5. McCall – had a good sense of cushion, moved well (to me hard to tell if he’s fast because I don’t knowabout the kids he was playing), but seemed a bit hesitent pressuring in space. Looking for the butt end a lot. Liked his use of both hands, but while I don’t mind d-men choking up, I’d like it to happen a bit less than he does it. Liked his GB work. I think his best days are ahead of him as he grows into his size. I seem to recall that he poke ckd alot more in the Adidas highlights than the other ones.

    In short – I’d take him in a heartbeat.

    • do you see him as a NCAA player?

      • Possibly has a future at NCAA/High level MCLA – need to see more of him in person, and need to see how he develops. I need more than a recruiting tape to make that final call. But my initial impression was positive. I’d also want to confirm he’s going into his sophomore year in HS.

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