Pitt Brine Vegeance Mock Up #2

We were committed to the all gold gloves then we got curious about the pinstripes. Too much navy?

Tough call

Snapshot 2009-08-17 10-55-51

The common argument is everybody is getting two and three color gloves.

How many teams are getting one color gloves?

How many of those teams are getting all gold gloves?



13 responses to “Pitt Brine Vegeance Mock Up #2

  1. I like these mock ups, but i think i like the first solid gold one more. I tried to get an idea of what these would look like in game, and googled lasalle’s photos. http://www.lschs.org/page.cfm?p=788 then click photos from ship, and photo 14/47 gives a good idea (i think these are kings tho?).

    LCC’s all gold are pretty sick.

    Are you going to try to do anything with team elbow pads? STX cells look pretty sick

    • Impressive research

      Custom armpads are something we are looking into for this year although, we might have to put it off until next year.


  3. Killerswellsbrah

    go all gold.

  4. I’d go all gold. The blue stripes make it look kind of brown

  5. all gold, your guys budget must be huge with all this new gear being bought

    • You want to make an omlette you got to break some egss.

      We try to get new gloves every year but this up coming season we have decided to increase the budget through player dues and fundraising.

      • is it out of line to ask where you guys think your dues will be around?

      • Not out of line at all and when we have our set player dues I will gladly let you know.

        For as far back as we can tell, dues have been around $600 not including fall ball dues, not including gloves, not including food on the road.

        If you added that all up its probably around $900.

        Very affordable if you’ve saved money from a summer job, are working a part time job during the school and/or your parents are willing to pay.

        The problem is that’s a fraction of what the top teams are paying for dues and in many ways its a reflection of the program’s success and how serious things were in the past.

        For example I coached at the junior varsity level in the spring of 2008 and made more money then we paid our head coach last year.

        Friends of mine have played at Duluth and CSU and it almost seems like with the tradition of excellence those programs have created their 1500, 1800, 2000 plus player dues are buying their national tournament spots. I don’t mean that they are bribing the selection group, I just mean that there is a lot more attention to the program when more money is involved.

        It would be interesting to compare player dues versus the total number of wins. By that I mean, in 2009 how many teams beat competition with higher player dues.

        I’m leaking a bit of an upcoming article but long story short, I expect our player dues to be a minimum of $1000 this year not including fall dues, gloves, and not including our fundraising money.

        At the end of the day, in club lacrosse you need committed players and that translates to kids who are willing to spend money.

      • Furthermore I expect that number to keep going up over the next few years.

  6. When I started at SMU, dues were 300. When I left they were at 1000. We also improved the win total every year. Nature of the beast. More money, more commitment, more wins.

    • Do you anticipate the 2010 game schedule to reflect the greek life formal? So as to avoid another embarrassing loss to Tech?

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