Lessons in Wasting Money

There’s nothing cool about baby blue and pink on the lacrosse field.


It’s not cool or funny or ironic.



10 responses to “Lessons in Wasting Money

  1. i kinda like the helmets, but the rest is a little over the top

  2. like i mean, if you are playing for breast cancer i could consider that alright to play in. but other than that yeah, tis a bit over the top.

  3. Yeah that’s overkill. But the Woozles on the other hand… http://bit.ly/eO3on

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  5. Seeing how he is a brine rep and got all that stuff for free… I dont really see the waste or the lesson.

    • No such thing as a free lunch – Rocky

      Whether it was a Brine rep or an Obama bailout, someone paid for those helmets, those gloves, those uniforms, and they are terrible.

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