Pitt Brine Vengeance Gloves

Snapshot 2009-08-14 22-21-38

Traditionally Pitt has been an STX team but in an effort to put our sordid past behind us we’re switching up brands.The model name is slightly coincidental.

La Costa Canyon High School (CA) provided us with the inspiration for these models. On Monday, we expect another mockup with navy pinstripes. You can see the pinstripes in this mock up are gold. The above choice is likely our final choice.


10 responses to “Pitt Brine Vengeance Gloves

  1. Those are going to be sick with navy pinstripes. Vengeance is a good name.

  2. Careful – if you are going any type of gold/old gold with your uniform short, the old gold on these gloves will probably not match.

  3. where did you get that kind of mock up? i cant find shit like that on brines website!

    • Brine’s custom website is pathetic. I’m glad I can still design the Defts.

      Go through elevationlacrosse.com

      It took them a few hours to turn this around for us

  4. I just did this in photoshop real quiick so I dont know the zones but something along these lines would look good with the Nike uni’s you are looking to get, navy or old gold pinstripes would look dope on them too

    • Those are phenomenal but unfortunately the super custom items are reserved for the sponsored college and pro teams.

  5. yeah i knw right. defts are the hot item lol. and thats great. thanks. i heard the new K18 gloves are unreal btw.

  6. yeah, sorry, i meant how they feel. haha. and i guess they look better in real life too. haha

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