UNIFORM Week: Preliminary Pitt Mock Up

Snapshot 2009-08-13 13-19-59

Inspiration and analysis, after the jump



1) No tramp stamp

2) No stomach logo

3) No necklace logo

Note: The gold comes out yellow in this mockup. I’d kill a major government official if Pitt would switch back to royal and yellow.

Does it look super basic? Yes. Super basic but clean and classic. Just how the Native Americans used to do it.

Two hidden gems:

1) The logo on the shorts being embroidered and lacking crossed lacrosse sticks. Last year’s game shorts, which I of course did not design. Nothing worse than the word lacrosse or the image of a stick on uniforms. It’s the biggest on field uniform error in the history of uniforms and errors.

2) The font and numbers are in tackle twill. Not many teams in the country have that.

This is one of 2305302539 options we’re thinking about. Yes I’ve lost sleep over it. Things have to be perfect for senior year.

For the record, I’m still furious that Cornell blew this game. For thoughtful commentary from LAS click here


6 responses to “UNIFORM Week: Preliminary Pitt Mock Up

  1. Looks pretty good. Experimented with gold shorts back in 2001 and they were a disaster…be careful. Only one color this year or will you have home and aways? Agree about the sticks on the game shorts. It would be sweet if Pedersen had never changed the logo from the classic cursive Pitt.

  2. Very classic and good use of unique color scheme.

  3. Yeah, we want to drop the lacrosse sticks from the high school team I coach too. They look dumb. The mascot is Tigers so we are considering just doing a pawpring outline. Right now we have a V in the school’s font with crossed sticks beneath. Too many people say it looks like Virginia…

    “Does it look super basic? Yes. Super basic but clean and classic. Just how the Native Americans used to do it.”

    This made me laugh. They were known for simplicity while rocking Nike kits while hunting buffalo too!
    Speaking of NA & uniforms, I’m waiting for Warrior (b/c they have no taste or class) to release a subliminated uniform that looks like a Native American in a loin cloth or something. I could so see it. They will call it the Pimp-o-the-Plains.

  4. lovin it. and i’m glad to hear you are takin over in the “looks” department. i’m only gonna be a sophmore in college, and i’m doin most of it. haha.

  5. We actually had two years of gold shorts. First ones were dazzle material and awful. Second year the color didnt quite match the jerseys we had and was very dull. Looked bad with white jerseys. But you wont have that problem cause your getting jerseys too. I always like the clean look of white on white, so thats what we had my last two years.

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