Brine Blue Chip Duffel Bag

Because you have to put your gear somewhere, what better place than a bag that can decide if its a backpack or picnic basket


Looks like a hard working bag that will give you an honest, smart effort. Unlike US Soccer, who suddenly has no idea how to hold on to a lead…probably because they have zero midfielders who can hold the ball and understand how to mount attacks via possession not through dump and chase tactics.

Bob Bradley is also a fool.


2 responses to “Brine Blue Chip Duffel Bag

  1. I will agree. Bradley is a fool. Should have hired Klinnsman when we had the chance. So much depth and he puts out Brian freaking Ching and Stever Churblunderblows? How they hell do you go from 1-0 in Azteca to a 1-2 loss? Bunker and make shitty subs. Where was Landycakes all game?
    Oh yeah, that bag is fugly too.

  2. Ok, I retract my ill will towards Donovan’s performance against Mexico the other day. It turns out that he had Swine Flu.

    Possible Mexican conspiracy to make the USMNT look bad? Stranger things have happened. After all, didn’t H1N1 start in Mexico?

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