Wednesday Notes

  • Pittsburgh native Peet Poillon contines to shine in the MLL scoring the game winner with 3.5 seconds left over his former team
  • Chapman’s recruiting class, which some of us believe features at least two AAs, and I was promised its leaps and bounds better than UCSB’s
  • Maybe the first time Boston wore their Reds, hopefully the last 2401-2
  • Does the MLL lose credibility because of the constant uniform changes in style and color? When’s the last time the Yankees switched uniforms?
  • Steven Rastivo transfers from Penn State to UNC, his father thinks he will start as a red shirt freshman, great way to meet new friends
  • Lacrosseallstars new look is legit
  • I’ve been wearing these shorts every other day
  • The IL/Alex Smith/food love triangle strengthens

5 responses to “Wednesday Notes

  1. There are a ton of HS AA’s in the MCLA. Teams like BYU and Michigan are loaded with them. But USL HS AA doesn’t mean much, especially in states without a lot of lacrosse tradition. The top two or three AAs in those state may be legit, but after that the talent gets thin. Wake me up when MCLA teams start getting AAs from Long Island or Baltimore, or kids from the top summer club teams.

  2. Disclaimer – I’m a WM Alum –
    Rastivo is outstanding. And he very well could start as a frosh. There is a long tradition of WM grads going to UNC and starring (Tummillo, Goldstein, Walker, Mayer to name just a few) To me the bigger part of this story is why does Penn State continue to have problems keeping great recruits, and continue to under-achieve with the players they do have? There is no reason at all why PSU shouldn’t be dramatically better than they’ve been.

    • I have no problem with a talented player starting as a freshman. I do have a problem with his father announcing to the lacrosse community that he expects his son to start before setting foot on campus. (Rastivo won’t join the team until the spring semester). As a teammate especially if I was a goalie I would be rather fired up. As a coach, I’d probably be conducting damage control right now.

      When people first found out about Rastivo leaving, I heard about it about a month or so ago, the common belief was this is what happens when you allow/demand kids to verbal as 16, 17 year old boys. Message boards let Rastivo off the hook then sympathy was directed at Penn State’s current crop of players. They currently have one goalie on the roster since Rastivo’s departure. Their assistant coach was handled the recruiting and was life blood of the program left and to my knowledge has yet to be replaced.

      Their head coach is the problem and until he is replaced Penn State will be on the outside looking in. Simple problem to fix? Not so fast, my friend. Thiel is on Paterno’s level at Penn State. He will tell PSU when he’s done not the other way around.

      It’s a shame that a world class athletic institution is not capable of making the playoffs year in and year out.

      Attitude reflects leadership

    • Attitude reflects leadership – great quote.

      I agree that the early committment issue is a problem in all sports. And that this is a reflection of that problem.

      I was unaware of Thiel’s status – that is too bad for PSU and lacrosse in general.

      I didn’t have the same reaction to the quote as you did, as I’d expect all “Dads” to feel strongly about their sons. If that’s what it takes UNC players to get motivated – that’s a problem. BUT – note that your interpretation is apparently the majority view as Mr. Rastivo called inside lax per the following note added to that article:

      ” We received a phone call on Wednesday morning from Mr. Rastivo, who wanted to clear up this particular statement – this wasn’t meant to imply that his son has any assumption that he will be starting against Jacksonville – he’s just excited to get there in the winter and have a shot at being on the field for Jacksonville…He apologized for the potential mis-read, and we apologise if our use of the quote in this context implied that Rastivo would be the starter going in…

      Presumably, the job will be fought for in Fall Ball between the goalies that are currently at the school (as is the case in most programs), and Rastivo will have to make his attempt to win that job in the limited window of preseason practices once he is enrolled in the school.”

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