412 Lax Did Not Write This

But the author did attend the 412 Lax Institute for Letting No One Off the Hook Easily, Especially Powell Fans:

Boston painted the second period in red winning it 4-0. It’s important to give credit where credit is due. Yes, Rabil did the logistically improbable – something became annoyingly redundant to the point of sugary excess. He ran down field gave a leading behind the back pass through traffic to Downing whose goal almost seemed inconsequential by comparison. Cue in the crowd, “M… V… P.” Yes, they did cry out his name with Jonas fan fervor. At this point in the game, male and female fans alike were screaming his name. Rabil had effectively “Rabiled” the crowd. His performance had infected the crowd with a fever that not even Mikey Powell’s light-hearted acrobatics could have inspired. (Spotted on the U-13 crowd: one out of 100 red jerseys had Powell on the back. Guess what was on the other 99. It was 99). Boston’s other sniper, the Pippen to the Jordan, Matt Poskay scored back-to-back goals giving the Cannons a three-goal lead. Poskay jumped through the crease on this second goal to tip off a rebound. Smith, who sadly made the leap to mesh, scored the final goal of the period off a feed from Boyle. Smith took flight and scored off a most impressive around the world shot right on the lip of the crease (6-2).


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