Warrior Releases Trojan Helmet for UNIFORM WEEK


Better than the Venom, Viking, Stryke, any Gait helmet

Looks just like a Pro 7

Available in hundreds of custom color combinations!

Don’t be fooled by its traditional appearance. The Trojan brings a ridiculous level of comfort over your head while providing protection no matter how intense the action. Lightweight but strong, the Trojan is a pleasure to wear. Fully customizable in 15 custom color options.

Dual-density fit liners that can be customized front to back as well as side to side

Lightweight moisture-wicking EVA-padded liner provides unbelievable comfort and protection; Fit’s traditional stripe sticker sets



3 responses to “Warrior Releases Trojan Helmet for UNIFORM WEEK

  1. Nice to see Warrior release a normal helmet. Kind of disappointed that it resembles a Cascade so closely, but thankful that it takes normal stickers. We are having problem figuring out to do with side logos for the HS team I coach b/c about 1/3 of the kids have Venoms (the rest are various Cascades).
    Too bad Warrior did not find a way to retain the air system from the Venom. It is the only great thing about that helmet…

  2. wow pro7’s much. i like this, but i’m still stickin to cascade for my buckets.

  3. ya if this isnt considerably cheaper than the pro 7’s they wont sell many

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