Pitt mock up to be posted shortly.

Trying to decide what will go on the back. 1. Pitt Lacrosse 2. Panthers Lacrosse 3. Pittsburgh Panthers


7 responses to “UNIFORM WEEK Nike Jacket

  1. i vote option 2. always classic.

  2. I like option 1. Esp because it will match the Pitt chest logo on the front.

  3. This is a nice jacket. Great fabric feel and nicely cut. But don’t expect it to keep you at all warm – think of it as a light sweatshirt. And it’s sleeves are also tight – cannot fit armguards underneath.

    • Thanks for the heads up Coach. Its difficult to turn down the style of the check mark, but for function’s sake we might have to

    • No problem – and I agree from a style perspective, it’s outstanding. We’ll probably allow our players the option of purchasing as an extra, but will not be our “team jacket” Good luck with your choices.

  4. Option 2 Option 2 Option 2

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