Inside Lacrosse Player Survey

What are your feelings about the flow phenomenon?
26% Overrated
54% Awesome
10% I don’t get it
10% Other

“The long flow coming out the back symbolizes the tribal and warrior roots of the game. Ancient Native Americans always had flow and it’s out of respect to them and to how wild and crazy you have to be to love this game.”
“Soooo annoying. So Baltimore.”
“Great hair is hard to come by.”
“Combovers will be the next big thing.”

IL's caption: Ned Crotty turns heads both with his game and his 'flow'

IL's caption: Ned Crotty turns heads both with his game and his 'flow'

Keep reading as we break down/destory IL over this caption

Does Ned Crotty have any flow in this picture?

He has maybe one strand of hair poking that could be labeled as flow. But one piece doesn’t give you the right to say you have flow. Because you don’t. You need a full head of hair coming forth from the helmet. The word flow originated as a way to describe long, curly, and/or wavy coming out of the back of the helmet. And while it has matured into a word used to describe how you look and play on the field, hair length is a precursor for all of those other things, mid calf socks, custom gloves, custom sick, matching armpads, proper tilt, proper eye black.

If you don’t have the hair to start with, you can’t have those other things.

Here is our discussion with IL about the issue.Keep in mind Terry Foy wrote the article.

412 Lax:

Who is responsible for this caption:

Ned Crotty turns heads both with his game and his ‘flow’

He doesn’t have any in this picture.
Are you paying attention?

Sean Burns:

412 – there are innumerable ways to define ‘flow’ – yes…hair is a part of it, but for many, it’s more about the overall put-together than the lettuce itself.

(the comment refers more to the fact that Crotty was named in an article this spring as having earned the ‘Sweetwariton’ for the combo of a killer uni and the ever-present lacrosse hair…which, as you say, isn’t exactly obvious in this photo)


Whatever Sean Burns. Whatever IL. Continue to try to shape the game to suite your ends.

The first part suggests that Crotty turns heads…

Is that a play on words?

Or are you serious?

Because according to the player survey, only 14% of the 50 players interviewed thought he was the best player in the country last year. If you’re wondering 6% of the players thought Matt Abbott was, those 6% are now dead.

I’m not sure if he really turned heads. I’m not sure at all.

At this point as a writing major and lacrosse fan, I’m prepared to give up 10 years of my life in exchange for the entire staff at Inside Lacrosse to be replaced.

Just because you’re 35 years old and your office is in Baltimore doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.

It’s like arguing with a retarded duck.

Speaking of slaughter house fives, the other day someone said the Steelers wouldn’t have won last year’s Super Bowl if Troy Polamula wasn’t on the team.


So, its the Steelers fault they won the Super Bowl because of the players on the team? Because we draft well its our fault we won the Super Bowl?

Next argument: The Steelers got lucky they had to play the Cardinals.


The Steelers didn’t ask to play the Cardinals. That is who the NFC sent to play. In fact in the history of championships in any major sport, the two teams that make it to the championship have to get there themselves. Never are they hand picked. Right Red Wings fans?

Next argument: Well, if the Eagles hadn’t been tired they would have beaten the Cardinals.


Because the Steelers are responsible for the Eagles being tired and unable to defeat the young, inexperienced  Cardinals and whom therefore couldn’t possibly beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl.





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