Gait Releases FLOW Helmet for UNIFORM WEEK

Not happy about the name

Nor am I thrilled about the 32 straps





8 responses to “Gait Releases FLOW Helmet for UNIFORM WEEK

  1. Don’t like the straps. Don’t like the silver screw right in front on the brow.

  2. An improvement, that is for sure. The one guy I know with an Identity says the sightlines, weight, and comfort are second to none. If the Flow (worst name ever for a nonWarrior product) carries all of that to this improved package, then the straps might be forgiven.
    Any word on why there are more straps than a BDSM club?

  3. Yeah, does one of the straps go over your forehead? If so, that’s stupid…

  4. i’m sorry, but, WHAT THE FUCK WAS GAIT THINKING. are they just trying to further themselves into the shithole they are already in?

  5. warrior’s helmet is just a wannabe cascade. at least give gait props for being origianl.

  6. original, but ugly as fuck that only colleges sponsored by gait, which UVA is the only one i know off the top of my head, will be wearing.

  7. Albany, Bryant, Dartmouth, Siena, Vermont, Gettysburg, Canisius all wear Gait too.

  8. queens university of charlotte will be repping them this year as well

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