UNIFORM WEEK bigger than Fashion Week, meaner than Shark Week


Pitt is ordering new uniforms for the 2010 season largely because the school switched back to Nike. Thank God.

We’ll post mock ups of the gloves, uniforms, shooting shirts etc as they arrive.

After the jump some preliminary photos of options. Not options we are necessarily considering, but options none the less.

No, that is not Todd from Wedding Crashers.

New options from South Swell Sports


Matching shooting shirts


Other shooting shirt options


More new uniform options


Suggested South Swell contacts if you are interested

Noah Fink 512-732-0002

Peter Nelson 651-308-1165


6 responses to “UNIFORM WEEK bigger than Fashion Week, meaner than Shark Week

  1. i’m tryin to go all nike for my club

  2. i like the six nations. i was also lookin at the ones that chapman had, the striped soccer lookin ones. i thought those were pretty sick. idk if they are six nations too though.

  3. yeah those are damn good lookin. but i also like the solid. solid navy and solid white are probably the ones i’d be gettin.

  4. EDIT: that was just a summer number, you can reach me at 651-341-8129 for any team orders

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