Dirty Like X-tina

Some players are known villians. Sometimes its just in the heat of the moment.

What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done on the lacrosse field?

Mine after the jump.

For the record the above video was not a cheap shot.

Where: Notre Dame Lacrosse Camp

When: High school

First, Notre Dame’s lacrosse camp was the worst instructional camp I attended in my career. I guess that’s not a big deal since rising 6th grade SUPER ELITE recruiting camps have taken the place of actual learning environments.

ANYWAY, it was the final session of the day, gameday session, after walking for 25 minutes from the dorms to the fields our team got ready for the match.

Maybe I was mad that Tom Glatzel, All American attackman, was one of our assigned counselors but only showed up to two sessions.

Maybe I was mad that the one coach that did show up would tell us how hungover he was as if we cared.

Maybe I have a little Tom Riddle in me.

I have a phenomenal memory so the fact that I can’t remember what triggered this egregious act is cause for concern. Perhaps I’m just a bad guy after all.

At some point the defender that had been covering me was carrying the ball up the field attempting to clear. As he was throwing an outlet pass, I tried to chop his hands first then followed through up in his face. I turned around to track the ball and heard him yell in pain. Apparently, I had gotten him under his chin in the region generally referred to as the throat which I imagined hurt. I intended to slash him slightly harder than normal as riding is the common form of retribution for all attackman who get beat on by meatheads with 6 foot poles all game but I didn’t expect a blood curdling scream so as I turned around I half expected to see him on the ground half expected to see him charging at me seeking vengeance.

As play continued the other way, the long pole hunched over and grabbed his throat.

I walked over to him using my best diplomacy skils, put my hand on his back, and asked in a surprised manner, “Oh wow, what happened? Are you okay?”

Verbatim, he replied, “A little bit of pain is good for you.”

I was terrified for the rest of the game which is why from now on a try to do my dirty work where I can’t be readily identified as the offender aka in ball down bunch up situations.

  • The dirtiest high school team I’ve played against: Ridley. Nothing like being chirped at during line drills and close defenders head hunting on slides.
  • The dirtiest Wooster opponent: Ohio Wesleyan. Defenders step on ankles, knee thighs, butt ends to the hip/stomach awhile the ball is at the other end of the field. Oh, can’t forget the time our freshman goalie walked out early for warm ups and OWU started barking at him and shouting “fresh meat.”
  • The dirtiest Pitt opponent: with one year left, I haven’t decided yet.

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