Friday Notes


  • August 5th was the worst day of Terry Foy’s journalism career, example 1 and example 2
  • Elevation Lacrosse is giving away a pair of Brine UNC Silo glove
  • Boathouse will make our reversibles for $20 less than LaxStore, sold
  • The new GI JOE movie is a disaster, special suits, really?
  • High school teammate of mine played for E-Lacrosse, winners of the Scotty Boyle Summer League nothing wrong with that overhand bounce shot at the 3:50 mark
  • Spirited discussion in the comments section over what makes an MCLA recruiting class better depth versus talent
  • The new Cowboys stadium is selling whole pizzas for $60
  • Friday in the summer song, although I feel like I’ve posted it before

5 responses to “Friday Notes

  1. Didn’t Jerry Jones watch any Yankee broadcasts this year?

  2. Set the price for what people will pay. 8 football games a year, people will splurge. hard to say people will do the same for 81 home baseball games a year.

  3. Must be the economics degree and not the Bears fan in you that made that rational and more importantly dispassionate comment

  4. boathouse = crap stuff

  5. exactly…i managed to avoid texas stadium until I played high school football in it, and then LSA alumni lacrosse. I planned to do the same thing for this one, but the nba all star will be there. the bears will be winning super bowls there. so i guess ill have to eat the $70 dollars for parking on gamedays and go check out my teams.

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