College Lacrosse 2010 Screenshots





10 responses to “College Lacrosse 2010 Screenshots

  1. Doesn’t look all that bad. I just wish EA would get off it’s high horse and make NCAA Lacrosse already…

  2. Kids on the facebook profile are having juvenile heart attacks over the graphics. While its certainly not premiere eye candy, if the game ships like this I will gladly buy it. If the visuals improve, I will be thrilled.

  3. Bottomline, between this game and NHL 2010, I will be gaming a lot.

  4. it does look like a high schooler created it…i guess its a start

  5. Pretty impressive all things considered. I question the “College Lacrosse” title though. Why not just call it “Lacrosse” or “Pro Lacross” since the teams cannot be named after colleges and they indicate cities like a pro league.
    The renegade/unlicesensed nature of this game reminds me of Blades of Steel for the original Nintendo. That was the first great hockey game.

  6. I’d like to test the gameplay before I do any judging.

  7. this will be interesting to play, but its about damn time. and i agree, EA should do something, and NHL 2010….OMG cant wait. leg pump all day.

  8. Reaction over at

    1. headfirstgamer says…

    I’ve been a gamer for life and I’d have to say this looks epic.

    2. low2high says…

    bring it to mama

  9. EA is planning on releasing a game sometime at the end of 2010 or early 2011

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