Thursday Notes, mostly California news

  • UCSB might have the best recruiting class in the history of the MCLA


    Instate tuition and that campus, tough to say no

  • Pitt only graduated 3 players last spring, only one of whom started, I thought we returned the most players in the country until I read this article about Davenport
  • MCLA The Lax Mag just made some sick clothing available on their website the new gray hoody is unreal
  • Speaking of new gear, take a sneak peak at the 2010 Pitt lax reversible
  • Connor Martin isn’t a wild animal in real life, he just plays one on television, video courtesy of
  • Thinking of switching numbers for the 2010 season, the final season of my career

14 responses to “Thursday Notes, mostly California news

  1. i like connor martin MUCH more now.

  2. Haha yeah, I knew he couldn’t be serious. I feel bad for hating on him a bit now.

  3. UCSB’s class probably isnt even the best in the SLC this year. Chapman no doubt brought in way more than 2 hs all americans

    • You don’t consider the depth of UCSB’s class to be a determining factor?

      Consider that of only 2 of 25 players didn’t earn one post season accolade. And only 4 of 25 earned one or less awards.

      So you have 21 players coming in that are multi award winners. Depth is something few MCLA teams have.

      UCSB’s incoming class could beat the bottom 50% of the MCLA tomorrow.

  4. I think your over valuing the importance of many of the “post season accolades”. Not to discredit the players or the recruiting at all, most players from non-traditional lacrosse areas (like many of these recruits) that continue to play ball even at the club level are solid players in average talent pools. In other word its not that hard to be all-league or win a team award in their areas. I would guess that most of the MCLA teams that actively recruit bringing classes where every player is honored in some fashion. The “all-american” tag is something that really sets a beast class apart from a very nice class like this one for UCSB

  5. Devil’s advocate, if Chapman brings in only 10 recruits, a very real possibility considering the tuition cost is 4 times higher for instate, and 3 of which are All Americans and the rest are all league players similar to the 21 players UCSB has, is Chapman’s class better automatically better because they have one more AA?

    Currently, Chapman has only two recruits on laxpower one from Idaho and one from Nevada, surely there will be more players arriving in the fall.

    • One strike against UCSB’s class is that prized transfer Jamie Bridgman, was not listed on Stevenson’s roster this past spring.

  6. Speaking of transfers, Chapman added Matt Walrath 5’11 190 d pole from Rumson, New Jersey. Walrath played in 14 games as a freshman at Stevens Tech, tallying 1 goal, 1 assist and 22 groundballs.

  7. I saw Michigan coaches at every summer recruiting event I attended in and around Maryland this summer (I help coach a couple of summer club teams). I may have missed them, but I didn’t see any other club coaches. And the UM guys have been doing that for a few years apparently. It’s obviously paying off. If nobody else is recruiting like they do, especially in the east, how are other MCLA teams going to compete? I predict the gap keeps getting wider between the top few teams and everyone else, and Michigan and the other top teams.

    • Michigan has the highest lacrosse budget in the country regardless of MCLA or NCAA. I imagine their alumni would be furious to learn that their full time coach wasn’t attending every tournament and camp.

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