Pitt Lax Reversibles

Considering going retro for the 2010 season.


What does the gallery think?


11 responses to “Pitt Lax Reversibles

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  2. Those are fresh, I have a few shorts from laxstore and they are the best.

  3. thought u werent a fan of the tramp stamp…

    • Not a fan of the insert here tattoo at all, but it’s not a tramp stamp. If were just P or a paw print it would be, but since its actual text no tramp stamp. We might move the player names below the numbers and move the Pitt script up top to completely eliminate confusion.

  4. A little too busy. I like the font of the tramp stamp (couldn’t resist), but it does not fit well with the block letters on the front or the names. The numbers are a sick font though.

  5. i like the old school pitt colors and logo but i am not a fan of the number font or names on practice pinneys. how much are you guys gonna be dropping on these looks like they can be worn for games.

  6. Nike reversibles are much more cost effective, and cooler to wear to pickup basketball. Like I wouldn’t drop $49 for a design that simple. Laxstore, er proathletics, makes the best custom gear though.

    • I believe we will be purchasing the reversibles from Laxstore and getting everything else from South Swell, not sure yet.

      It’s shame that Queen City Lacrosse which is based in Pittsburgh doesn’t help us out especially considering the one of the owners coaches the girl’s club team. Then again the owner is an Ohio Wesleyan graduate and I’ve heard him say if they depended only upon Pittsburgh high school and colleges for sales they’d be out of business.

      Why bother being loyal to someone that won’t return favors?

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