Athletic Edge Training (Legit)


Athletic Edge Lacrosse founder Ben Shear has teamed up with Joe Walters and Matt Danowski to create a series of videos detailing shooting and the biomechanics of lacrosse. These are the training tools the lacrosse community has needed and been missing. We make fun of Joe Walters all the time at 412Lax but the fact of the matter is the guy can flat out score and as we made mention of last week, we were more than a little disappointed that the STX video didn’t give him a better opportunity to share his knowledge. These videos clearly do. And Matt Danowski is one of our favorite attackman to ever play the game which is a given if you attend Duke and can do this

Testimonial: It paid off. Big time. There were several attackmen on my team that just couldn’t put that extra zip on the ball that’s the difference between a goal and a save. After using the techniques outlined for 8 weeks, our shot on goal to scoring percentage went up a full 23%! That translated into 2-3 extra goals a game, which was the difference between a good season and an extraordinary season eventually leading our team to the cup.

Bottomline 1: 8 weeks to a better game? I wonder how many club lacrosse players have that kind of free time. We do.

Bottomline 2: Last week 412Lax begged for better lacrosse instruction, today we hear about it.

Put us on your corporate team, we are problem solvers.


5 responses to “Athletic Edge Training (Legit)

  1. I’m actually very familiar with the Athletic Edge Lacrosse videos and totally recommend them. A fellow coach who attended a conference that featured Ben Shear and was very impressed on what he had to say put me on to the website. I purchased the Dodging video first because several members of my team were having a hard time embracing this vital skill. It was amazing! After the first viewing, I returned to the site and purchased every video except the nutrition and the RxLAX (however the RxLAX is a fascinating concept). They all packed with great information and insight. Way to be on top of it 412!

  2. Damn I may have to invest in this…

  3. Thanks everyone for the props we really appreciate it. If you want some real detailed scientific info on shooting biomechanics I have written some articles that are worth checking out on our site. shooting. Inside Lacrosse will also be doing a 2 page story on our latest research coming out in the Jan issue.

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