LSM W*t Dreaming

Highlight from last spring’s game between Franklin & Marshall and Ursinus.

Ursinus’s drop back ride gets the better of the Diplomats.

We here at 412 Lax hate playing slow, hate watching people play slow, and hate coaches who coach slow. The drop back ride is a cousin to the stall/slow down/Hopkins/Princeton offense. Therefore, we hate it, but then something like that happens and we have no choice but to consider its total usefulness.

Your thoughts? Any other on field strategies you dislike, either as a player or fan?


6 responses to “LSM W*t Dreaming

  1. I dislike watching teams dodge over and over into a zone defense because the coaches can’t recognize what is going on or don’t know how to make adjustments. See the 2nd half of the MCLA Div I championship for an example.

  2. Whatever gets the job done. Run and gun gets boring too when its break after break after break (i.e. the mll all-star game without all that skill). Each goal is more valuable in a slow down style which can be pretty fun to watch.

  3. gotta have an appreciation for a well executed slow-down offense

  4. drop back rides are flat out more successful, plain and simple. compact 18 players into 60 yards of length instead of 100. can’t argue with the numbers

  5. The success of the ride / ride strategy largely depends on the players on both sides of the field. Drop back rides are great for less athletic squads or poor stick handling on the clearing side, or call it conservative.
    But that was gross video.

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