August Dear God

  • video coverage of the New York Shootout Part 1
  • How the play at 0:25 occurs is beyond me
  • New York Shootout Part 2
  • continuing to provide better video coverage than IL
  • Those kids are really really good
  • Quint thinks goalies should watch the ball, goes so far as to say “you gotta be watching that ball”
  • Plano Texas native Tom Palesky looking nay unbeatable at the 1:44 mark
  • Article about a Pittsburgh high school player playing at the Adidas tournament
  • Looks like this Pittsburgh high school player got himself some Hopkins gloves off of ebay DSC_0003
  • If you’re in the market for an extra set of gloves, ebay has a serious assortment this week, including Michigan gloves, Team USA G22s, Cuse K18s
  • Hopkins lacrosse story, impressive leadership almost like Mike Richards

3 responses to “August Dear God

  1. that number 10 kid on that light blue team is just disgusting. he isnt the only one though. but damn.

  2. Hopkins practice gear is unreal

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