Lacrosse Tea Partay


Who are the two people you’d invite to a lax tea partay from the lacrosse community?

Con Bro Chill MMrmmar?
Paul Rabil’s forearms?
Certainly not Brett Queener. He wouldn’t behave himself!
Det. Bunk Moreland from The Wire? “What a brother can’t lax?”

412 Lax would choose
Coach Pietramala aka James Gandolfini. Although we despise most of the overrated players on the team largely due to Inside Lacrosse’s promotional ploys, it’s impossible to deny the man is a champion’s champion coach. Could easily have a four day tea partay bender talking just about the fake slides they showed…or didn’t show against Delaware in the Final Four 2007.

Maximillian Seibald. Question 1, did you pattern your solo captaincy term around Maximus from Gladiator?



6 responses to “Lacrosse Tea Partay

  1. naw i’m too qualified, probably want someone from TX to fill that role

    • I feel like my two guests suggest a hidden desire to play for an STX sponsored team. What a rough summer.

  2. Tizzle how did the video shoot go?

  3. Had to postpone it due to weather, trying to reschedule it with Brett now

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