Last week a friend of mine tried to convince us that 412 lax should use twitter to grow our brand.

I consider myself super intuned to the social networking scene. However, after a lengthy discussion of “dude, isn’t it just like a public FB status” and/or “honestly, what in gods name is twitter,” I still don’t know what it is.

During an interview to promote Public Enemies, the reporter asked Johnny Depp if he had a twitter (I guess this was a super talented journalist devoid of researching ability), Johnny laughed and asked, “what’s twitter?”

If I ever invest money in something in the business arena such as a start up company, I will venture in the tweet land because when money is at stake you owe to yourself to try.

Right now, I’m just a guy with a blog, who has no idea what twitter is, and who harbors are strong dislike for Quint Kessnich and major media coverage of lacrosse.

GUESS WHO has a twitter?

Hey there! QuintKessenich is using Twitter.

Offensive lacrosse is like building a great tasting salad – the ingredients must compliment each other & they must be correctly proportioned about 17 hours ago from web

Lunch mtg w-Sean Heffernan to discuss a new lax product, then wkout (abs and legs). Working on a referee article (ideas to improve) for IL.about 13 hours ago from web

Those are his two most recent tweets. I’d post more but SARS just manifested itself in my pupils.

Does Quint have a girlfriend?

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7 responses to “TWITTER

  1. Hahaha, it’s funny, in the rare occassions that lacrosse is actually on TV, even when I’m watching it with people who have never encountered it before, this is ALWAYS the result: “Yeah, it’s pretty cool, but that commentator really blows.” All I can do is shake my head.

  2. Quints favorite term “ballistic quickness”


  3. No one cares that you are at a wkout (especially doing your abs and legs)

  4. Quints girlfriend’s name is Jill. As in he raises his right hand, sees a J & jill then goes to town for 3-5 minutes. Quint, you tool.

  5. Bill Simmons (noted New England sports fan and journalist on twitter)

    Facebook is a social network. Twitter is a media/marketing vehicle disguised as a social network. Big difference. And if you don’t think it’s changing the way that information is dispersed, for good and bad, you’re insane.

  6. My favorite Quint quote (pardon me if it’s not verbatim): “Pat Perritt is a little jitterbug, he’s hard to contain.” HAHA

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