Going to try this right now.

STX posted a video of Joe Walters playing wall ball. He suggests 50 right 50 left.

You mean to tell me Joe Walters, Mr. Personality, doesn’t have anything more insightful to say about wall ball?

If STX produces another elementary instructional video I’m going to ship all of my STX products back.

Give us something more advanced.

Give us his routine. I know he doesn’t go out on Saturday nights.

How about he wears gloves when he’s playing wall ball.

No? Alright cool, we’ll just wait for another stick trick video.


10 responses to “Leaping

  1. Get ready to ship things back then. The majority of our videos are designed to help the younger players that are trying to advance their game, not college kids. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the next video.

  2. How are trick stick videos helping younger players advance their game? They can be fun to watch but it in no way makes them a better player on the field.

  3. Rich – I said the majority of our videos. In the past 8 months we’ve put out 10 instructional vidoes and a mulit part stringing tutorial and decided to do something a little less serious and more fun. I don’t think us putting out 2 stick trick videos is the end of the world. In my mind any time a kid has a lacrosse stick in their hands its a good thing and has the potential to make them a better player.

  4. Tizzle – does nike have tiger woods doing 5th grade level golf instruction videos? how about those michael jordan videos on how to dribble? no? right, ok. well then there must be an albert pujols hitting video. So if no other major sport uses its current stars to instruct kids in a video, why would lacrosse?

  5. Everett – Are you seriously trying to compare lacrosse and its ‘pros’ to multi-million dollar professional athletes? The beauty of lacrosse in my mind is that our ‘stars’ are normal guys that hang out after games to sign autographs, help out at random school’s practices and other things because they love the game. I know I’ve never seen or heard of Michael Jordan pulling over and giving kids pointers after seeing them shooting hoops in the driveway, but I know of and have heard of several lacrosse ‘stars’ doing this when seeing kids playing catch.

    It’s a shame that you feel videos showing the fundamentals of our sport give it an ‘amateur hour feeling’.

  6. Tizzle – I am comparing the multi million dollar athlete to the lacrosse pro because ultimately that is the goal. The goal is to have lacrosse break through into the major four sports. The goal is to have a professional league that doesn’t fold its teams. Growth of lacrosse in booming at every level except the professional level. Perhaps the professionals should act like it in order to expand the game at its ‘highest level’ Maybe don’t jump off turf carts in an all star game — can’t wait for a kid to try that one out — hey put it in a video Tizzle!

    Tumbas – Your blog must be huge.

  7. Everett – I wouldn’t consider D1 men’s lacrosse to be booming in growth. You touch on a lot of valid points though but I don’t agree with that you’d want lacrosse pro’s to act different in regards to what I mentioned before. I’m with you on the turf cart. I like to think most of our videos are helpfull and the feedback we get on them usually confirms that.

    No, I just run the Facebook page and all the videos so thought I’d respond to someone hating on my work. I’ve read this for a while so know Tumbas hates on Joe and Kyle whenever he gets the chance.

  8. I wasnt hating on your work I was just voicing my opinion.

  9. Ha, I know Rich I was talking about Pete’s comments including “If STX produces another elementary instructional video I’m going to ship all of my STX products back…Alright cool, we’ll just wait for another stick trick video”

    I enjoy hearing people’s opinions and have liked the discussion taking place

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