STX Weird Shaft Technology Continues

Not a that’s what she said joke.



Gradual bend at middle of handle allows player to place more weight & strength behind the stick creating increased momentum

Places release point of shot further in front of player

Generates more snap on shots and feeds by extending follow through

Ball stays in sweet spot of the pocket longer to generate more power

Custom 7075 series alloy

Concave octagon profile provides excellent control

Fits all standard heads ; Not compatible with Crank Shaft heads

I can’t remember the last time I bought a shaft. My two Titan Pros have been around for years.

Popular belief states that if you had to choose between a shaft and a pair of gloves for the same price you go with the gloves every time.

A shaft can’t make that big of a difference on your game.

Can it?


2 responses to “STX Weird Shaft Technology Continues

  1. STX has become the new Warrior. Gimmicks and flashy/shiny garbage on gloves (new K18 “style”) are taking over lax. Next thing you know STX will start calling its products “Pimp-a-holic” and “Sure Shot” while incoporating adamantium inserts into their gloves or something…

  2. i think that the shaft can make somewhat of a difference in your gameplay, but it is something that we quickly adjust to (ex. when a stick breaks and we borrow a teammates: we are thrown off by the weight and how it throws, but quickly adjust). Generally, what i have experienced is laxers buying the duplicate shaft when one breaks, because they are used to size/weight.
    new gloves, on the other hand, are like budda.

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