Two things 412 Lax enjoys as well


“I like to lax, and I like to party”


8 responses to “Two things 412 Lax enjoys as well

  1. please post where i can get one fo these, i need one

  2. I hope lax bro gets a cut of the profits.

    • how the ffff does your user name link to me to the NC magazine?

      “I hit 235 within 6 weeks of graduation”

    • And my other question is, the lax bro video clearly and undeniably is making fun of all the minor league laxers that wish they were leYIT, does anyone notice these things I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. If the multiple shots of him by himself aren’t any indication, than perhaps the fact that he, the character, sucks at lacrosse is a red flag to the community at large.

  3. blap blap blap

    Was up to about 240 by the middle of 3L year. Got on the workout plan. Down to about 220. Looking to get down to 210. Waiting on a call up from the bigs.

    What is a LeYIT?

  4. I completely agree

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