all star pic1

Unlike Mike Powell, Matt Danowski and Paul Rabil clearly give a f**k

Are you kidding me with that emotion?

It’s an All Star Game. That’s borderline Pete Rose.

Enjoy your music career Mikey. We’ve never going to talk about you again.


7 responses to “PASSION

  1. Last night’s game demonstrated what a pro lax league COULD be. Now if only the regular season was that entertaining…
    Speaking of MLL, this issue of Lacrosse Magazine had a page with people suggesting improvements to the game. Two MLL concepts were recommended for the high school & college game – the shot clock and 2-point arc.
    The shot clock is something I am generally in favor of, especially at the college level. Watching Princeton eat clock on attack is sooooo boring. It is hard to build excitement and increase the fanbase that way.
    I am more conflicted about the 2-point shot. Sometimes it seems like a boon, othertimes like a bust. It does provide that x-factor the same way that a 3-pointer does in basketball or a 2-point conversion in football. It is a higher risk/reward thing. No doubt it would drastically change defensive schemes.
    What are your thoughts on those ideas?

  2. all star game was awesome. those ideas for changing college ball are stupid, no offense. College ball is awesome, and the mll strives to have that same success. Why change the model to resemble to art critic.

  3. Not my ideas, so no offense taken!
    I am not sure how I feel about the two point arc at any level. It’s like Communism; it seems like a good idea on paper…
    Pretty much the same with the shot clock I guess. As much as I hate stall tactics, I am afraid the lower level games will become hurried and offenses will become more sloppy. In the end it is a coaching decision I guess. We do not and will not employ Princeton’s stall tactic; we go full bore horn to horn. I would probably resign my position if our head coach decided to start that crap…

  4. stalling makes upsets more possible, which in turn is exciting. stalling isnt a bad thing in my mind when its necessary

    • Devil’s advocate, if you don’t like stalling, push out defensively.

      Lacrosse is one of the most exciting sports to watch constant motion, quick restarts after a whistle, everyone knows what I’m talking about, but its a sport the idea is to win the game. See Herm Edwards, HELLO, you play to win the game.

      There are different tactics designed to help each team win. Like the upstanding gentleman from Claremont said, stalling makes upsets, therefore winning possible.

      Princeton is one of my favorite lacrosse teams but I hate the way the offense plays. It kills scoring opportunities and kills recruiting opportunities. However I would take an afternoon watching Princeton play over the sideshow act that is the MLL any day. It would be great if the MLL could replicate last night every weekend but that’s years away.

      Consider MLL teams only practice once a week. I had Rabil work my shooting clinic last year and he told some horror stories about the league.

      Bottomline, the league needs more $$$ to be a viable option.

    • Agreed. Money is a huge issue. More practice is definitely needed to get them palying like a team. How much longer can the league last in its current form? Based on the foldings this year, I don’t think it has much longer to survive.
      Don’t get me wrong, I support the MLL wholeheartedly, even when it is terrible to watch. The idea of a pro league is the key to making the sport truly national, even if it is below football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer.
      Making the league more serious is a multi-tiered process, but I think it begins with allowing endorsed players to wear their own gear. That might be the easiest first step to increasing pay and cutting New Balance’s cost. Getting more owners/sponsors would definitely help. Maybe looking outside of college markets to more growing areas like Dallas and Arizona would help. Finding a way to make the west coast work (again) is vital. But above all they need more $$$ to pay players. Most NCAA lax programs are at uber-expensive schools and these guys need serious bank when they get out.
      I know that my first exposure came through the MLL; the league got me interested enough to pick up the college sports package on the local cable provider. Plus you have to like some of the unique names and color schemes they’ve come up with…

  5. I don’t mind staling. Fast break run and gun is great but Duke didn’t win a national championship because Hopkins held the ball. I can appreciate slowing the ball down and having patience even though it isn’t very appealing to fans.

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