More All Star Game Reactions


  • Hi, my name is Paul, I look like a lion, and I shoot 111 mph.
  • When I first found out Matt Danowski was going to be in the fastest shot competition I was a little worried he would be embarrassed. Remember when Joe Walters shot a 99 in last years competition and got booed? We loved that. Dino topped out at 107 which is the same figure Anthony Kelly reached. If you want to see the worst video on shooting featuring Kelly’s goutee click here.
  • Where Disney cranks out u18 pop singers, IL promotes their own molded and shaped lacrosse personalities in hopes that their antics draw more attention to the league. Brett Queener is one of those manfactured clowns. His kamikaze clearing efforts remind me of playing FIFA 2002 when the chic thing to do was to try and dribble up the sideline with your goalie in hopes of scoring. Queener is a sideshow in a sideshow league. He wore a tank top to an important corporate event. Apparently people posting on IL agree:
  1. By miltonfludgecow on Jul 17, 2009 | Reply

    Queener is the most annoying person in lacrosse. Please stop talking about him everyday.

  1. By Turps on Jul 17, 2009 | Reply

    Personality or drunken behavior? The way Brett acted was like how many lax fans act after sitting in the parking lot @ Byrd Stadium on Final 4 weekend. There is a place for that behavior and ON the field is not one of them. Free-style event needs to be eliminated.

  • Danowski not winning a college title is worse than Marino never winning a Super Bowl. I broke up with my girlfriend hours after they lost to Hopkins two years ago because I was so upset.
  • Quint and Joe are still the worst announcing team in the history of sports broadcasting regardless of Joe Beninati’s goal for Malkin against the Canes.
  • 1000_art1Is that alligator skin on the Old team uniforms? Interesting choice to go with the European soccer badge on the chest. I bet soccer fan Rabil loved that. Numbers on the sleeve, smart since there wasn’t one on the gut.

4 responses to “More All Star Game Reactions

  1. I can’t decide if I like those or not. Sadly they look more professional than some of the regular unis…
    They are a bit too soccer without the number on the front.

  2. It should be: “Hi, my name is Paul, and I look like a horse.”

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