Surgeon General’s Warning

Do the people that work for the Adidas Lacrosse department get paid?

Are they working for free?

Are they slaves that are trying to stick it their corporate bosses?

Even if they are seeking retribution, some one above them has to be approving these decisions. Some one who is paid to lead the department is thinking these are good ideas.

Their equipment is embarrassing.

After last years uniforms I didn’t think they could get worse. They did.

This tournament is a bigger joke than Lebron confiscating video tape of him getting boomed on.



Funny story, those are some of the better uniforms and they are still awful. It’s not the lacrosse world’s fault your corporate logo is three stripes.

Boston in purple and white? The score is as ugly as the uniform


One response to “Surgeon General’s Warning

  1. The song on that video sounds like it’s from Final Fantasy VII or something.

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