• BYU’s replacement for Lamb is Matt Schneck. Should we care?
  • sick video coverage of Nike Blue Chip Camp here and here perhaps the videos are sick because they are filmed in HD (Can you do that IL?) or perhaps they are sick because a goalie from my high school was there (blue and yellow helmet) or perhaps both
  • Notre Dame de Namur (D2) needs a coach after Kerwin jumped ship to go back to Oregon. Hopefully he removes that ridiculous pregame hop. NDNU is offering 25,000-28,000 for the gig. Not sure how many qualified people are going to be relocating to Belmont Califonria for $480 a week pre taxes.
  • Santa Clara University also needs a head coach
  • E-Lacrosse is on their now standard two week break. Haven’t posted a new video since 6/24
  • Remember Rabil’s freshman year when Quint would talk about Rabil being partially deaf and how he had to sit in front of the class to hear? That was like 8 years ago man. People don’t forget. Well now Rabes is a Spokesman for National Cued Speech Assoc.
  • These are true artists. Another hip hop group with a song about a goofy dance step

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