Deep Thoughts with Debeer Lacrosse


Traditionally everyone has thought we’ve made ugly stuff. We outfit Virginia, forcing the public to watch them wear our stuff on ESPN U including the pumpkin head helmets final four weekend when they got trounced by Cornell, and maybe we’ll sponsor another Under Armour All American game or two. In 2009, we came out with probably the best looking gloves we ever made but in a weird marketing ploy would decided not to make them available to the public. We probably won’t make new gloves for 2010 just release last year’s model and our fat goutee clad company leader will think every thing is alright when its really not. This company is dying alive.


One response to “Deep Thoughts with Debeer Lacrosse

  1. That sounds about right. Too bad their sticks are superb and cheaper than most. I guess they are solid in Canada, but that’s not even a real country anyway…
    If their Flow helmet undercuts the competition significantly, then expect it to do fairly well. Especially if it provides the protection & comfort of the Identity. It almost looks normal…

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