David from David Goes to the Dentist Asks, “Is this real life?”


Weeks ago Connor Martin and Warrior teamed up to make a video regarding the search for flow. I didn’t watch it the first day it was on Inside Lacrose and I slowly forgot about it. The video has made the rounds to the thousands….. AND THOUSANDS of fans on 90% of Lax is the Flow. The response has been less than positive:

  • conor martin is a great player but he’s a complete tool
  • Connor Martin can’t be real…nobody acts like that…or talks like that…
  • conor martin is the ultimate lax douche
  • connor martin is 100% dead serious. and talks like that constantly. it bugs the shit out of everyone he’s around.

Now the final comment was made by Martin’s teammate Nate Beres. I wonder if he was being serious or just trying to carve a teammate in good fun.

Video is after the jump. If you haven’t seen this yet…God be with you

Sweet Jesus. Mother of God.

First of all,  he’s from Oregon. Not 1960s Southern California.

Second of all, it must take a lot of energy to communicate in that fashion.

Third of all, it must take a lot of creativity to communicate in that fashion.

I’m not going to throw him under the bus. This is some other level entertainment. Peter Sellers. Sacha Baron Cohen. Connor Martin.

What ever we can do to draw attention to the sport (grow our hair out, talk in new and interesting ways, have a fantastic blog, quit playing in the MLL and start up a band, ok not the latter) is a good thing.

Ahoy laxers

One more thing, this video was done by Warrior.

Chapman wears STX. Is that a sign of things to come for Chapman?

Or are the mac daddies and sugar daddies in Warriors marketing department that incompetent?


13 responses to “David from David Goes to the Dentist Asks, “Is this real life?”

  1. Mr. Martin is also a singer

  2. consider the credentials needed to attend chapman and you won’t be so shocked at this idiocracy …

  3. does not sound like that when hes talkign shit in games. at least it didnt sound like that.

    and this is not a good thing for lax. a sport trying to break main stream on the west doesnt need someone acting out stereotypes

    • Two different voices??
      One for talking noise on the field and one for talking noise off the field??

  4. If he did not act this way there would be no video for us to discuss. Nice job Connor! Any press is good press. SLC lax is right he does not sound this way when he is talking TONS of shit during games.

  5. Bmore special

    I’m guessing he only gets to talk shit for the fist half whenever they play Michigan.

    I think this is hilarious. Looks like an interesting dude. Who cares that he doesn’t fit the Baltimore prep school or New York meathead image? The game is growing. It’s going to attract all kinds of people. Bottom line, can the kid play? From what I’ve seen, yes.

  6. After watching this many times, I think that he’s purposefully being over-the-top. Especially after watching the lax decision video, where he still had a bit of a stereotypical west coast accent, but wasn’t talking like a complete moron.

  7. Oh man, haha I guess not. That’s my bad.

  8. wow…..i want to cut my hair now

  9. if anybody honestly doesn’t see the humor in this video then they deserve to be euthanized. this shit is hysterical

  10. “First of all, he’s from Oregon. Not 1960s Southern California.”

    Oregon is that state right above California last time I checked and the “surfer bra” attitude is really common all over the west coast. A lot of the hippies out west might still think its the 60’s. Not defending it but just say’n.

    Also, Martin and I coached many a camp together in Eugene and while haters might call him a tool, in person he’s a chill guy who does a helluva job coaching the youth players. Kids love him and there are way worse dudes. Save the vitriol for the real “lax bros”

    -Mr. BS

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