Mr. Personality Teaches Stringing

I almost dislike Joe Walters as much as I dislike Kyle Harrison and Mike Powell.

A friend of mine was housing several draft hopefuls because the combine was taking place in Connecticut at the time not the now traditional Stevens Tech sight. Anyyyyyyway, the night before the combine all the players went out to the bars to get mangled except Walters who “didn’t want to hurt his draft status.” Cool man. The MLL is a beer league, but cool man.

Anyway when a lacrosse loser of this magnitude produces a stringing video or any kind of teaching video beyond the simple, “do these at full speed,” you have to take notice especially when a master of such a rare art (stringing) is teaching.

Funny, it seems the resident stick doctor on every team I’ve played has been a bit off i.e. socially awkward.


3 responses to “Mr. Personality Teaches Stringing

  1. Bmore special

    Why do you have a Michigan picture on your front page banner? I thought you played at Pittsburgh?

    • As 412 Lax is predominately an MCLA blog, I have no problem using a Michigan picture as the banner. They are the reigning champs until they get their attack together and jump to D1.

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