Young Crabs

Baltimore Lacrosse Club winning easily at USTC in Downingtown. Sexy stick skills, likely too sexy for the MCLA, but one can only hope.


5 responses to “Young Crabs

  1. There are some good kids on the Crabs, but there are also some very average kids. Certainly plenty who would fit in the MCLA. Why rip your own league like that?

    • They can certainly play at the MCLA level and I’d love to them but not many Baltimore kids grow up hoping to play at Lindenwood or Sonoma State.

  2. That was not at USTC that place is way nicer, that was at Downingtown Middle School, I would know, I went there. haha Keep up the good coverage

  3. Probably right. Although FSU and Michigan seem to be making a run at a lot of kids from out here. From what I hear you’ll see more heading to those schools in the next few years.

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